Hide Or Die: Testing Phase 1.5 Info

As we laid out in the last update we want to complete a server stress test on our new server configuration. This will be a two day test starting on December 14th @ 8pm CDT and finishing on December 16th @ 8pm CDT. All you will do is download the latest update on Steam next Friday evening and you will be good to go!

Phase 1.5 Changes

As you know we sent out a survey to gather feedback from our first testing phase and had about ~20% of the testers respond. We took the feedback and made some changes to address this feedback. Although we had no intention of making any changes for this test we couldn't resist pushing ourselves to sneak some in. We'll detail some of them below.


First thing we addressed are some map changes that needed to be made. Feedback called out the River map as being too spread out, having bad player pathing, and some collision issues. We've opened up some additional paths to allow players to get to the power towers easier without having to run around large cliff structures.

Interest points have been moved off the edges and pulled in closer and we added a large dam structure on one side of the map which should help with the other complaint of the map being too dark and difficult to traverse. Here are some screenshots of what you can expect.

The newly implemented dam.

New pathing to help escape to the power towers.

We've decided to cycle out the Swamps map as we take care of some needed alterations and substitute in the community map from our first Kickstarter stretch goal. This is the map funded by you, designed by you, and had its early development streamed by Chris0matic. Although the map is not finished, we wanted to get it in for a round of testing to see how it plays out. Here are some shots of the current state of the map (all daylight so you can see them better).

Entrance to Wonder World.

Down Fall can be seen on the left and Wonder Wheel in the middle.

Is that a carousel in the back?


These are probably the most important changes we are adding into Phase 1.5 which are a direct result of the feedback we received in the survey (with more changes coming in phase 2). In general what was asked for/needed are the following:

  • More encounters/close call encounters between survivors and the hunter

  • Getting insta-killed in hideables disincentivizes hiding

  • Survivors need a better reason to risk death by completing fuse boxes

  • Hunters not knowing what they need to defend

Power System - Fuse Boxes

The number of fuse boxes in a 'ready to be activated' state are now capped at 3. The location of these now also show up on the HUD of the hunter giving them a clear objective. This addresses the feedback of the Hunters being stuck just wandering around the map with no clear direction. This also gives survivors a less overwhelming choice of what fuse box to complete. Previously there could be up to 9 different fuse boxes to complete! We thought originally that more choice would be better but it simply just ended up separating hunters and survivors and in turn removing the pressure and fear from survivors.

With the limited fuse box change we had to make some adjustments to the power system. Now when a fuse box is completed it starts a timer for a power crate to open. There is one crate per fuse box, it can be found in the general area around the fuse box, and currently it contains legendary supplies. This crate will open a short period after you complete the fuse box, so hide around the area so you can pickup the supplies inside!

Don't worry, only you can pick them up. In the future we would like it to contain various items the survivor can use throughout the course of the match. Once a fuse box is activated there is a cool down of roughly ~30 seconds for another fuse box to become 'ready to activate' somewhere else in the map. This allows us to increase the number of tense encounters, their locations, and still have control over the number of fuse boxes required for each section (based on remaining survivor count). This is the placeholder model you will see in 1.5 testing that is currently implemented of the power crate:

Yes, that is a shrunken down garage door

With this fuse box change you will no longer get kicked off of a fuse box when someone else activates one which forced you to wait for a cool down to get back on and complete. We heard that this was a pain point and this should resolve it.

Server Locations

Another piece of feedback we had was the server locations. Our first testing phase we needed to keep close to home, but we are happy to announce that we will now have servers for this test in the USA (East and West) and Europe.

HideablesYou are no longer instantly assassinated when found in a hideable. The hunter will pull you out where you will have a slim chance of getting away. Once survivor items/perks are implemented into the game we expect this encounter to be much more tense. In this testing phase you'll still probably die right away :) Here is an example of what that pull out animation may look like.

That is all for this week. See you next week in game for the Testing Phase 1.5!