Hide Or Die: Testing Phase 1.5 Stress Test Launch

As laid out in our last update Phase 1.5 will be starting later tonight (December 14th) at 8pm CDT and finishing on December 16th @ 8pm CDT.

This is a quick test to evaluate our 3rd party dedicated server provider and further profile and test our server scaling capabilities.

Joining The Test

Participation in this phase 1.5 test is restricted to our Kickstarter, and Paypal backers of the survivor tier or higher. Future tests will able to be accessed by pledging to the game in advance of it's public release, but we have disabled this until we feel the game is in a more refined state.

If you are a Kickstarter or PayPal backer you should have received your Steam Beta Keys at the time of Phase 1. If you haven't, please contact us here: 


(Please include your Kickstarter or PayPal email, and select the request type "Missing Keys")

Once you have the key, it can be redeemed on steam and downloaded through the steam client.

After the game has been downloaded, you will be able to launch it. The game will prompt for you to enter your beta key. In some cases, the key may be "invalid or claimed by another account".  If you run into this, please ensure the following:

1. Wait a few seconds after the key submission page opens, the key should auto-fill within 5 seconds. 2. There are no extra spaces before or after the code (Typing it manually usually fixes this)

3. You are running the steam client and are online

4. If this doesn't work, its advised to temporarily disable any antivirus that may be preventing our game from communicating with Steam. 

Scope Of Test

The build associated with this test is very similar to our Phase 1.0 Build. Our goal with this 2 day test is to profile our servers, and gather critical data to ensure that future releases go smoothly. We may run additional ".5" phases between larger beta phases to ensure server stability and further profile the game at scale.

Additional content updates, including animal AI, survivor equipment, and additional killers will be coming in beta phase 2 (late January).

Known Issues:

  • Changing Keybind for "F" Interact can cause the fusebox to break. 

  • Steam friendlist and lobbies are experimental, and may have some state conflict issues.

  • Collision Inconsistencies across all maps

  • Crow flight controls aren't intuitive (Use WSAD to fly! - Use Spacebar to switch between flight and walking modes

  • All of the Carnival map is in an early preview state, it is undergoing heavy changes.


While this test is more targeted at many backend features, we are still looking to get your thoughts on the current state of the game. In the next update we will be providing additional surveys to gather feedback.

We advise all players to join us on discord, to talk to us directly, submit bug reports, and provide us their suggestions. Our discord can be found here: http://discord.gg/HideorDie Once in our discord, you can use the following commands (chat messages) to report bugs, and provide suggestions >bug [Type the bug you found here - you can also link images] >suggestion [Type your suggestion] See you in game!