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Hide or Die: Status Update

It has been about 8 weeks since we launched into early access and unfortunately our game loop/progression system hasn't been compelling enough to retain a consistent player base. We tried to create something new and unique in the asymmetrical genre by focusing on creating a large scale experience with multiple hunters at the same time, literal hide or die mechanics, and a detailed environment to explore. We tried to fundamentally alter the asymmetrical genre and were unsuccessful in doing so. Although that didn’t work out how we intended, there were a lot of great mechanics and fresh ideas that we believe just need to be put together in a more understandable and polished package.

With that said, we’re working hard towards a more refined and traditional asymmetrical experience while still staying true to the core of Hide or Die with a focus on strong hunters and hiding. Our progression system is also getting an overhaul to better reward players for putting in the time to learn and master the game mechanics. We do not have a set date for when this will be completed, but if you are interested in helping us shape it and play it, please join our discord.

We’re encouraged by the large number of people who have wishlisted Hide or Die and are humbled to be included in Steam’s Top Releases of August 2019 because it tells us that there are a lot of people who want this game to succeed.

If you are interested in Hide or Die we recommend that you wishlist the game instead of buying it at this time. This way you’ll be notified when we’re ready to relaunch the game and put out a much better product that is capable of retaining players and is hopefully something you will enjoy.

We want to thank everyone who has supported the game and given their feedback and discussion in our discord. It has been very helpful and you're the reason we're able to continue working on this game.