Hide Or Die: Release Date Reveal

This is it. This is the homestretch. Over 18 months and tens of thousands of hours have lead to this point. It's all coming together. Lets jump into it.

The Release Date

As mentioned last week, Hide or Die will be entering early access on Steam, with continuous updates throughout 2019. Today, we are revealing the official release date. August 1st, 2019. 10:00AM PDT

That's next Thursday! Mark your calendar!

The Beta

Our final beta phase will be kicking off tonight at 9PM CDT. This beta can be publicly streamed, and shared without restrictions. The beta phase will last from: Friday, July 26th 9:00PM CDT -> Sunday, July 28th 1:00AM CDT.

Servers available will be US CENTRAL, EUROPE, & SINGAPORE

Key Giveaways

Be sure to join our discord (https://discord.gg/hideordie) as we will be doing key giveaways throughout the day, starting now! We are giving out over 500 keys for beta so there is a very good chance that you can get one! How the giveaways work:

Simply go to the giveaway channel and then react to all giveaways that you want to enter (Click any of the emojis below the actual message) The reaction that you use does not matter,

reacting multiple times is treated the same as reacting just once. If you want to subscribe to the giveaway to get notifications when new giveaways start, go to the #bot-commands channel and type >sub

Once the giveaway ends, the winners will be chosen among the people that added at least one reaction. **Please keep in mind that the bot sends you the key via DM**, so if you have disabled "allow DMs from server members" then you can not receive a key, so consider enabling the setting in your **server privacy settings** if needed. We will not re-issue keys if you fail to turn this setting on.

Only the reactions that are there right when the giveaway ends are counted, so if you add a reaction and remove it again before the giveaway ends then your entry will not be counted. People cannot win twice.

Content Creators

If you are a content creator, and are interested in getting a key to stream the game, or create content please reach out to us! You can contact us through this form:

https://vecfour-digital.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new or by emailing "support@vecfour.digital" Please include information on yourself, your channel, the type of content you create, etc... We will reach out throughout the beta phase to provide keys to content creators. We have a limited number of keys to provide during this, so we unfortunately likely won't be able to provide a key to everyone that contacts us. If you have already contacted us for this we'll be sending you keys shortly so keep an eye on your inbox.


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