Hide Or Die: Release

Today at 10am PDT on Thursday August 1st, Hide Or Die releases into early access on Steam.


Over the last month or so we have been discussing with our community what the price of the game should be based on the early access tag and current level of content. We've maintained that the base price of the game would be $30 USD and have previously taken VecFour Digital Store Pledges at that price on our website (Summer 2018 - October 2018). The vast majority of feedback on price has been in the $20-$30 range.

With that said we have settled on a $24.99 base price with a 20% Early Access Launch discount to $19.99. We want to provide value across that $20-$30 range and have put together a Supporter Pack for $9.99 USD that includes multiple skins for the game. You can see a preview of our Hunter Skins available in the pack below:

We hope that with the lowering of the base game price and the inclusion of the Supporter Pack, we can offer something of value to everyone interested in Hide Or Die.

Note: All 30.00 USD PayPal Pledges through the VecFour Digital Store will be receiving a $5 refund through PayPal to cover the difference between the pre-order price and the base price of the game.

This will be a manual process, please be patient as this may take a few weeks to process all the payments.

If you have any questions regarding your refund please email us at support@vecfour.digital

Thank You

We just wanted to take a moment to thank all of you who have supported us throughout the past year and a half of development and want you to know that this game would not have been made without you. We're excited for the opportunity you've given us and as always, please report bugs in our discord. You can view the link below.


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