Hide Or Die: Preparing for Release

Hey everyone! Some very cool news to share regarding:

  1. The return of... a little fun gamemode

  2. Release Scheduling

  3. Pre-Release Beta: July 26th, 2019. 9 PM Central. -> July 28th, 2019. 1 AM Central

Lets just jump in!

Last Man Standing

Since day 1 our goal has been to be as transparent as possible with our community and build a game that can be enjoyed for hundreds (if not thousands) of hours. While every decision we make is bound to frustrate a percentage of our player base, our goal is to listen to all feedback and take steps to implement changes that create a better game experience.

We had originally planned to release the game with only 1 game mode: Escape. It is a larger, open world, and exploration focused mode detailed in our overhaul update. However, after speaking with dozens of backers, gathering feedback and playing our game further we recognized that there was a desire for a faster paced, more intense, hide and seek experience. We agreed with the assessment that a smaller scaled and more focused mode would compliment and be a perfect addition alongside our larger open world mode. This lead us to build out a new mode: Last Man Standing, based heavily on the game mode from 2018. And boy is it fun. Details follow.

The Breakdown

  • 16 Players

  • 1 Winner

  • Defensive items only until 1v1 showdown

  • Takes place in preset locations around Bale County

  • Moving play area prevents survivors from camping. Have to keep moving and stay hidden to win

  • First to the Darkness Beam becomes the hunter, with a defined Corruption Time

  • Killer's Corruption Time can be lowered by activating Spotlights

Long Form

In LMS 16 players will start in the bunker together and rush out towards a darkness orb that will corrupt them into a hunter. Survivors will complete fusebox objectives to reduce the Hunter's corruption level and eventually kicking them out of the role. Then another darkness orb will spawn and the cycle will repeat until you're left with a 1v1 situation. Survivors and Hunters will have access to their usual perks to build the best playstyle they see fit for the gamemode.

Players will make use of the environment, hideables, and defensive items to stay hidden from the Hunter. All players will move through different sections of Bale County until eventually arriving upon an area where the 1v1 encounter will take place. Here is where the lone survivor will be able to find weapons to help them kill the Hunter. The last man standing after that encounter is the winner.

Ohh yea, and for those of you who want to play it, hop on tomorrow 7/20 at 9PM Central Time. We will be spinning up servers for 4 hours for our backers to check out the mode! - Please note this beta phase is not streamable.


Currently, all our time tables remain the same. We are aiming to enter into Early Access in early August on Steam. We believe the game is in a state where it is consistently playable, has a solid gameplay foundation, and is ready to grow.

We wanted to take this opportunity to outline our launch plans, what backer specific content will be there, and what our update schedule throughout 2019 looks like.

Backer Content that will be in at launch:

  • All backer Heads

  • All backer T-Shirts

  • Exclusive Backer/Founder Phones

  • Exclusive Backer/Founder Shirts

  • Exclusive Backer/Founder Nametags

  • Colored Flashlights

  • Soundtrack Download

Backer Content that will NOT be in at launch, and will be patched in at a later date:

  • Additional Map with Backer Homes (Homeowner reward tier)

  • Some Backer Graffiti (A lot of the graffiti is currently being implemented into the next map, coming in October)

  • Krampus, Undertaker & Addict Killers (and their exclusive skins)

Pre-Release Beta

July 26th, 2019. 9 PM Central. -> July 28th, 2019. 1 AM Central

This beta phase will be open for content creation. If you are a content creator please feel free to reach out to us with your details if you would like to request a key for the game. You can do so by emailing us at support@vecfour.digital

We will also be giving out over 500 beta keys to lucky members in our discord! Be sure to be in there for a chance to get a key! https://discord.gg/hideordie

We look forward to everyone hopping in game and giving the latest version of Hide or Die a try!

Important Notice On Backer Items

The deadline for submitting the legal release was on July 14th, at this point we are taking steps to remove backer items from the game that we did not receive clearance to ship the game with. We will email affected backer accounts directly, notifying them of the removal. Please note that this only applies to backers of Undertaker tier (100USD) or higher. We are still retaining these files, so they can easily be re-integrated into the game should legal clearance be granted in the future. If your content was removed, we can have it re-added once we receive legal clearance for the use of your files. We will make a good faith attempt to integrate your backer items into the game in a subsequent patch / update. If you would like to request your content to be removed entirely from our systems, please email us at support@vecfour.digital


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