Hide Or Die: Out of Darkness

In our previous update at the end of 2018 we stated that we would be going dark for a couple of months as we worked on improving the game. We got a lot of feedback from our two testing phases at the end of the year, a lot of the changes we've made directly address this feedback. Our goal is to make Hide Or Die the best asymmetrical multiplayer horror game out there, and we couldn't be more happy to have received so much quality feedback from our community and players.

New Office

As most of you will remember when we moved here to Texas, in the late summer of 2018, we had to get a temporary office until we could find something more permanent. Right at the end of the year, before our last update, we moved into our new place. We've put up a video of the old temporary office, the new office while under construction, and the new office we're at now:

Some before and after photos, in a slideshow, of the new office:

Click the side arrows to see more pictures below

We are thrilled to be on this adventure with you all. As we continue to scale up, we are continually humbled by our community, their enthusiasm, and involvement in the project.

New Hire

As we push towards the next testing phase and release, we have hired a new programmer, Nick. He has moved from Florida and has hit the ground running. Say hello to him in our discord at discord.gg/HideOrDie, he goes by the name Oldsiren. He loves Titanfall and prequel memes.

Phase 2.0 Testing

We do not have an exact date planned yet, as we have to do some more internal testing before we can be exact, but Phase 2.0 testing will be in May. We wish we could be more specific, but when we do give you a date you can be certain we will deliver on it. We're all very excited for you to play and we're working hard to bring it to you.

Major Overhaul

As we have mentioned a few times in discord chats, we decided to up the scale of Hide Or Die and are putting more focus on playing with your friends. We're not going to go into detail with this update because we think it is better if you could play the changes we lay out right away. So as we get closer to the Phase 2 Testing dates we'll go into depth about the changes made so you're informed when you play in this next testing phase.

We will give you some info on how the section (map) system has transformed however. Previously players would complete one 190 m² section and move into the transition zone where they would then move into the next 190 m² section and continue like this onward until a 1 vs 1 situation. That part has changed pretty dramatically.

The new map is approximately 1.2 km² of playable space. The Blue square was the playable space previously and the yellow portion is the current map's playable space:

Hide Or Die Lore

We have been working on the lore of Hide Or Die and that starts with the location of the new map mentioned above. The game takes place in West Virginia, in the fictional county named Bale County. Many of our maps we had previously have been integrated into Bale County in one way or another. We put together some screenshots of the new map so you can begin trying to piece together the puzzle of Bale County.

Thank you all for the continued support! We hope to share more with you in the coming weeks! Very exciting times!