Hide Or Die: Kickstarter LIVE!

Updated: Jul 25, 2019

Singapore, May 25th, 2018

On May 19th 2018, VecFour Digital officially launched its hugely anticipated Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for it’s upcoming title ‘Hide or Die’ to a passionate audience that is growing worldwide and has garnered over 80% of the total funding in short of 5 days.  By combining the tense action packed gameplay of traditional asymmetrical multiplayer games, with the scale and variability of large multiplayer sandbox games, Hide Or Die promises to deliver a unique gameplay experience like no other.

In Hide or Die, 16 players start in an underground bunker and are tasked with ridding the world of darkness by setting traps and activating randomized fuse boxes to power the light tower to purge the area of darkness. The darkness will consume a survivor whom then transforms into a crazed hunter trying to stop the others from completing their objectives. If the hunter fails to prevent the rerouting of power to the tower then the darkness will leave its host and move onto the next procedural section and waits for the next survivor to corrupt. The once crazed hunter returns back into a survivor and the remaining move into the next section starting the cycle over again. This continues until only one survivor remains to enter a 1v1 showdown with the hunter. Only one player can win.

​VecFour’s Hide Or Die Kickstarter campaign provides backers with opportunities to take advantage of many exciting campaign exclusive perks, rewards, benefits and discounts while supporting the game’s promise of being a genre defining experience. Limited tiers were made available for fans wanting to design and collaborate with developers on important parts of the gameplay experience, such as designing their parts of their own house on a cul-de-sac, creating their own graffiti art sprays or having their own personalized face in-game.

After having a positive reception of their early public Discord alpha in March 2018 with nearly 2,000 players and a successful partnership with various community Twitch streamers, VecFour Digital pushed themselves to recreate the core gameplay experience based on the overwhelming amount of feedback received. As a result, VecFour Digital plans to release Hide or Die digitally on Steam for PC come October 2018, with a limited access PC beta scheduled in August 2018. Those that choose to pledge their support on the crowdfunding campaign can obtain their copy early with unique rewards.

Visit the Kickstarter campaign page for Hide or Die to keep up with all the latest updates on the game’s development: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/hideordie/hide-or-die-asymmetrical-horror-royale


LARGE SCALE MULTIPLAYER: 16+ Players. Huge Maps. Endless gameplay variation. 

SHIFTING KILLERS: Not 1 Killer for the entire match. Hunters can change between sections - allowing more varied gameplay, and incentivizing players to keep playing. 

DEADLY NATURE: The killer isn't all you should fear. Animals will be scattered throughout the environment - watch for them. They can give away your position, or even attack you. 

ONE WINNER: Games will always come down to a 1v1. As the game world fills with darkness, take a stand against the killer in a tense 1v1 showdown.


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 “Oh my god he sees you dude. Run man! You gotta get outta there dude!”

Ninja - twitch.tv/ninja

“I’m excited for the game, looking forward to seeing it all come together!”

Swiftor - twitch.tv/swiftor

“Right now it is easy to see VecFour Digital has done a fantastic job creating these maps.”

Laphin - twitch.tv/laphin

“BACK THIS GAME!! The devs are fantastic & really get involved with their community.”

Neversurrendr - twitch.tv/neversurrendryt


VecFour Digital is a team of 3 developers based out of Singapore. With experience working on both AAA game productions and games for enterprise, VecFour Digital hopes to demonstrate that it is capable of redefining the genre, and creating new innovations in the asymmetrical multiplayer space.


Email: contact@vecfour.digital