Hide Or Die: Funded

Updated: Jun 30, 2018

Thank you.

We're grateful and we're excited to build this game with you! The most important thing is collecting your information so we can fulfill your rewards. We will be using the Kickstarter survey system to get that information from you. You can expect this to be sent within approximately 8 days. Kickstarter advises us that backers will have 7 days to fix any payment issues they have and if not fixed within that first week they will be removed from the backer list.

This will make sure we do not send surveys to people who are no longer backers. We can't waste time fulfilling their rewards when that time should be spent on fulfilling your rewards. Apologies for the slight delay in sending those, but it is for the best!

Beta keys will be sent out right before beta starts to the email you provide us in the kickstarter survey answers. Release keys will be sent in the lead up to release of the game. Our next update will be in approximately 8 days when we send out the surveys.  

If you haven't joined our discord you must do it to redeem the discord reward. Plus you can talk to us whenever you want. Join it: http://discord.gg/hideordie