Hide Or Die: End Of Year Update

Quick Look Back On 2018

Hide Or Die has had four testing phases this year: January, March, November, and December. These tests have shaped the game and we're thankful for all of our fans who have been a part of it. The support we got from you during our Kickstarter campaign was tremendous and has allowed us to make Hide Or Die more than we ever thought it could be. You are the reason VecFour Digital exists and we're excited more than words can express for what's coming in 2019!

Phase 1.5 Testing

We wrapped up our Phase 1.5 Stress Test a couple weeks ago which helped us confirm that our new server configuration eliminates lag issues that we had in Phase 1 testing, lets us run servers in regions outside the United States, and that the adjustments we made to gameplay were well received. We appreciate everyone who took part in that testing.

Testing Phases

Preparing game builds and launching them for testing phases require a lot of resources. The number of hours put into these builds slows down and often halts production of game features. The biggest benefit of these testing phases are the transparency we're able to provide and the feedback we receive from you. We believe the base core of the game is there now, we just need to go and add in the content we have been working on. These include things like other hunters, survivor items, animal AI, perks, unlocks, and progression.

With that said, we do not have a Phase 2 testing date to give you. There will still be at least one additional phase of testing before launch which will allowing streaming/video content creation. The game will launch in the first half of 2019. We do not have a definitive date in mind when you'll be able to pledge to the game again, but we're keeping them closed for now until we are happy with the level of content in Hide Or Die.

What Comes Next

We're going to kind of go dark for the next month or so as we build out the remaining systems, polish them, and prepare for the next testing phase. The next time we show the game we hope to impress you with new content and features. We'll still be active in our discord http://discord.gg/HideOrDie, but we'll probably post less updates as we just put our heads down and pound out the content we need to put into Hide Or Die. We hope you had a wonderful holiday and a soon to be happy new year! See you then!