Hide Or Die: Bi-Weekly Update 9/7

Welcome back to the bi-weekly update! We have updates on the move, the Scientist hunter, community map, and some back-end character work. Let's jump into it.

Character Updates

This week we pretty much finished the texturing, rigging and implementation of the scientist - Now we are onto finalizing his items and small details!

Final lab coat will have more blood on it!

Backer Map Updates

Last week over 200 different ideas were submitted for different zones around the maps. These ideas were collected into a final map design & layout. This is the initial layout of the community map, Carnival, that Chris started with today on his twitch stream:

The first stream of building this community chosen map (our 70k stretch goal on Kickstarter) kicked off this morning at 11am CST. Here are some screenshots from the initial block out stages from the first stream.

The initial block out stage is important for understanding sight-lines, map flow, and scale. These streams are going to be quite regular going forward leading up to beta and below we have the preliminary schedule of the streams and the estimated tasks that will be completed during those times. As you can see below, the second half of September, Chris will be taking a vacation down to Florida to attend Halloween Horror Nights at Universal. Although he will be taking a break from streaming, we think this will be a good time for him to get a lot of inspiration from one of the most premier horror events.

Character Overhaul

As detailed in the 8/10 update, the character overhaul has been ongoing and is nearing completion. It is expected to be wrapped up by the end of this weekend which will allow us to really start expanding on the character customization and hunter gameplay. We can announce that the Scientist will be playable in the first beta test October 31st.

These few highlighted items are key to the overall system of our characters.

With this overhaul we have created what we feel is a fantastic balance between realism and play-ability. Players will be able to look down and see their legs as they are running for their lives. They will be able to peek around corners, from within trash cans, and over cover without exposing their arms, just as you would do in real life. All of which is replicated across the network, so when your eyes peek out from cover you must be careful.

What you see above is your first person character, with your soul ripped out so you can see the horror. Although everyone else can see your entire body, you can only see from your stomach down. This gives us that great feeling of realism, while running, by utilizing a very unrealistic character setup. Unlike other games, your arms are not attached to your camera. What this means is that when you turn left and right your arms lag behind you a bit just like real life and it gives you the ability to look left and right without having to turn your entire body. With this we can also take control of your camera, because it is attached to the head bone of your skeleton. This allows us to play gruesome assassination animations as well as other interaction animations like getting into a hideable or interacting with a fuse box.

The Move

Both Swanton and Osok are now in Frisco, Texas and are set up in a temporary office as they begin the search for a suitable space so we can start getting some people in house and building the team.

With that we have opened up our careers page on our website. We decided to name it 'Careers' instead of 'Jobs' because we are looking for people who want to get in at the ground level and grow right along with us. You can find that page and apply to work at VecFour Digital right here in Frisco, Texas: https://vecfour.digital/careers