Hide Or Die: Bi-Weekly Update 9/21

Updated: Jul 19, 2019

Its time for another bi-weekly update! Woot Woot! Lots of stuff to cover this week. Lets jump right into it.

Gameplay Design

With the overhaul to most of our character code complete, we have now shifted our focus to polishing the gameplay design aspects of our beta hunter: The Scientist.

Thus far, we have implemented his electrified baseball bat, animations, and begun prototyping his special ability. A Holographic dome, projected into the environment, trapping those inside with the killer.

We need your name suggestions for what this special ability should be called! Give us your suggestions here: https://goo.gl/forms/dPg04JT6UQbrZzYi2

Scientist's Dome - https://i.imgur.com/m8rPJay.jpg

Scientist Dome - Scaled Up - https://i.imgur.com/m8rPJay.jpg

Playtesting the Scientist's Gameplay Mechanics - https://i.imgur.com/OP2sNCv.jpg

Lighting Presets Updates

Hide or Die features many lighting presets that randomly get selected for levels (in a weighted manner, so very cool and odd lighting presets will be more rare than common, simpler ones).

This week we added additional lighting presets to the maps. This coupled with our procedural level system will ensure that every time you play the game, you feel as if you are in a different space, adding to the sense of unknown danger, lurking around every corner.

Steam Integration

Over the last few weeks, we have been working on building out and implementing our menu with our backend system, and Steam. We have successfully completed our party system, and integration with the Steam friends system, allowing players to use Steam to invite, and join on friends for matchmaking. Passing information like Level, Credits, and the Nameplate are still work in progress, and slated for completion over the weekend.

Spectator Prototyping

Hide or Die features... well a lot of dying. One of the things we have been trying to figure out for a while is what exactly happens when you die? Do you disconnect from the game? Do you spectate other survivors? Do you spectate the hunter? Well, this week we spent some time prototyping, and experimenting with other slightly more crazy ideas. Specifically, a crow that can be flown around the level, acting as a spectator camera. These ideas are by no means final, and ultimately will be something we listen to the community on, but we wanted to share these sorts of things at an early stage to gauge interest.

Again, we want to hear your feedback on these things, so please be sure to drop by our discord server and let us know your thoughts! https://discord.gg/HideorDie


Going along with the game design work for the Scientist, we have also begun to create and implement animations for his items. Below you can see our animation sets for his bat, and his special ability item. Again, both of these are very much work in progress, and subject to change.

We have also continued work on hideable assassinations, specifically the porta potty. These assassinations will be used when the hunter finds you inside a hideable (like a dumpster, trashcan, porta potty, etc...). You can see some of the progress on hideable enter/exit animations as well.

Community Map Updates

While Chris - our level artist - is on vacation for the last week we have been gathering and slowly implementing feedback on the backer map. One idea we heard and liked quite a lot was on SleevedBiker's video discussing the map, where he called out the change from a large petting zoo area to a creepy run down trailer area where the carnies would stay in their off time. We really like this change. We feel that it will bring out the life of the map and make it feel much more authentic.

Still very much in blockout stages

And that concludes this bi-weekly update! Be sure to check back on October 5th! Can you believe, only 2 more updates before beta?! Time flies. See you all in game soon!