Hide Or Die: Bi-Weekly Update 8/24

Welcome back to the Bi-Weekly update - Lets jump right into it!

Character Updates

This week the highpoly and lowpoly assets for the Mad Scientist wrapped up, and is currently entering the texturing and rigging phase of development.

Hair updates! Our super talented Character Artist Molo just wrapped up another set of hair meshes, this time for our female survivor! Below are some examples of the hair meshes taken from within the game.

With this set completed, we now have 10 male hair meshes, and 10 female hair meshes - with plenty of variety for everyone to find someone that fits their style!

Animation Updates

The Krampus Character is entering its animation prototyping phase where we try different poses and animation styles for the character. While the Krampus character uses the same rig as the default human, we are building an entirely bespoke animation set for this hunter, allowing him to be even more distinguished from existing hunters.

The Krampus hunter is our first attempt at making entirely bespoke animation sets for a hunter. If it goes well, we plan on evaluating the feasibility to carry this through to all our hunters.Bespoke animation sets mean more personality can be conveyed by the hunters as they stalk our survivors through the environment.

Work continues on animating our hideable animations. Hideables are objects which players can... well... hide in. These hideables are scattered throughout the game world randomly and take the form of many different types of objects. From trashbins, to portable toilets and cars, be sure to keep these in mind when being hunted as they can prove to be incredibly valuable when avoiding the hunter.

Backer Map Update

Idea collection and voting for the backer map has finished! The winning map is.....

Themepark / Carnival!

The breakdown for votes are as follows:

179 Votes - Themepark / Carnival

123 Votes - Abandoned Mansion

110 Votes - Rundown School

95 Votes - Abandoned Facility in North Pole

77 Votes - Nuclear Test Town

55 Votes - Hell

50 Votes - Botanical Gardens

43 Votes - Mining Town

43 Votes - Abandoned Pirate Ships

23 Votes - Logging Camp

22 Votes - The Mad Scientist's Lab

We are now accepting ideas for the different features / areas within the level. Given that its a Themepark / Carnival submitted ideas should try to fit that theme.

The survey for this next round can be found here: https://goo.gl/forms/0NXJ7y1nCn9MGpM83 Submissions will close next Friday - August 31st.

Backer Updates

Major progress for backer reward fulfillment has continued with the finalization of our tombstone system. This system will pull our backer data from a spreadsheet and collect it in a way that allows us easily to create tombstones. We've converted all tombstone portrait images into a game usable format. If you haven't submitted a tombstone portrait to us yet, please be sure to message us on Kickstarter to get it in game.

Thats it for this week, be sure to submit your backer map ideas to us here: https://goo.gl/forms/0NXJ7y1nCn9MGpM83 Until next time!