Hide Or Die: Bi-Weekly Update 6/29

Welcome to the Bi-Weekly Update - a look into the development of Hide Or Die. Our goal with these updates is to provide constant transparency as to what we are working on, and where the money we raised is going, and how that ultimately is leading to a better game for our community.


Just over a week ago our Kickstarter campaign crossed the finish line. Over 2500 total backers (across Paypal and Kickstarter) pledged to make this game a reality, and help us take the game farther than we could on our existing budget. Within 2 hours of the campaign launching, we had already cleared our entire budget for the project thus far - 3,000 USD.

When all was said and done, the campaign cleared 157,327 USD across Paypal and Kickstarter. This couldn't have been done without every single one of you. We are eternally grateful for every single person who helped make this a reality. From fans who went out of their way to get this game in front of streamers, to all those who retweeted and shared our content, to all our discord members who helped answer questions around the clock. We couldn't have done it without you.

We also want to give a special thanks to our community moderation team, who worked around the clock keeping our discord clean, and helping the waves of new comers settle in, and become a part of our community:

CGC Infinity











Thank you. We couldn't have done it without you amazing people. <3


One of the largest focuses for us going forward is our character assets, both for survivors, and hunters. Mario is one of our new character artists, and will be designing many of the hunters over the next several months, as we work alongside him to build out the functionality, and animations for these assets. The first one to tackle - The Fisherman.

The Fisherman (Work in Progress)

The Fisherman is a ranged hunter, and uses a harpoon gun to hunt his enemies. He doesn't move too fast, so don't worry about getting in a chase with this guy. But if you get impaled, you will need to desperately struggle to get away. If he pulls you in close enough,you are surely finished.

Fisherman Harpoon's Gun (Work In Progress)

Stay tuned as in the coming weeks we will have additional previews of his weapons, and equipment. One of our favorite comments from YouTube was that our game looked like a "Bald Royale" - We absolutely agree - so we brought on-board an additional super talented character artist - Molo. Molo has been hard at work creating a ton of hair variants for the male character. We are aiming for 10 hair variants each for both the male and female base mesh. Here are some previews!


Both Chris0Matic and Swanton007 have been working on finalizing two additional procedural sections we call Gothic and and a second variant of the map shown in the kickstarter demo; Swamps. Both these maps are quite unique and stand out a ton for our existing maps. From the large, intricate pathways found in the catacombs, to the varied elevation and scattered shacks on swamps, we are sure that players will be on their toes navigating the environment and avoiding the hunter.


Procedural worlds

Osok continued work on procedural worlds, and specificly the transition sections within them.

The procedural level system is one of the major overhauls from the discord alpha that was created to address some of the feedback from that alpha. One of the pieces of that system are the transition sections. These help blend together two distinct sections, houses the light tower that players have to move to after clearing the darkness from a main section, and provide a social area where other players can see who made it through alive.

These are generally pretty easy to create so we can have a lot of variety in the layout, player pathing, and position of the tower within them.

Dedicated Servers

Dedicated servers have made quite a bit of progress in the last week. We successfully implemented the playfab backend interface, and begin to make API calls to dynamically spin up servers anywhere in the world where a match is requested.

Last Saturday night (at 2:36 local time) our first dedicated servers for the project spun up successfully - hosted out of Singapore on an amazon EC2 t2.medium server.

From here we must fully convert the project to work on dedicated servers, and iron out some bugs that remain, as well as begin to build out a matchmaking system, and region based hosting.


All Surveys Sent out

All surveys have been sent out to our backers. If you haven't gotten your survey - please reach out to us at support@vecfour.digital

Discord Role Fufilment

About 50% of our discord roles have been given out at the time of our post, we are working as quickly as possible to get all roles assigned to backers ASAP - But we need your help. If you aren't on our discord server, we wont be able to add your role. Please be sure to join our server if you currently aren't joined: https://discord.gg/hideordie

That concludes this weeks update. Thank you all once again for the support, we look forward to sharing much much more with you 2 weeks from now, in the next Bi-Weekly Update on July 13th!