Hide or Die: Beta Updates & Roadmap

When we launched the Kickstarter we asked for minimal funds to help us polish up some areas we had glaring issues like characters, animations, and we planned to package up this P2P version of the game over the summer and get it out in October 2018. We had overwhelming support from all of you which has given us the funds to push the quality of the game beyond what we initially planned as well as introducing dedicated servers. A side effect of that push for quality is that it takes time and should not be rushed.

In the interest of that quality and with feedback we have received regarding the beta we are going to be moving away from a single week in August for testing and instead transition into a rolling beta testing period. What this means is that we will push out one week tests to the community and follow that up with a few weeks of implementation of feedback/bug fixes and test again for a week, continuing the cycle over.

Beta Test 1: Oct 31st - Nov 6th (Firm Date)

From this point we will spend 2-3 weeks patching and improving the game and implementing feedback/bug fixes. Followed by another week or so of testing. This cycle will continue until the game is ready for release

Launch Game: When the community approves

This allows us to get more feedback from the players over a longer period of time which will ensure that the quality of the game increases and your feedback is implemented. In addition to those benefits for the game over the long term we have been working hard to implement dedicated servers and they are one of the major reasons why we need to adjust timelines.

As we have detailed in the bi-weekly updates so far, dedicated server implementation is coming along. We did run into a massive game breaking bug with the procedural level system & dedicated servers. This set us back over 3 weeks as code production came to a grinding halt due to this. Thankfully, we are happy to report that we overcame this bug and we will go into detail about it in the bi-weekly update this Friday.

Swanton007 and Osok put in their notices in mid-June at their job in Singapore and were planning to be out of there by the end of June and putting 80 hours into HOD instead of 40 at their job and 40 after work at home on HOD. Unfortunately they needed to be held until the end of July and won't be able to be solely on HOD until August. This was also an unforeseen setback.

As you've seen with the Comic-Con representation & Razer implementation, we are putting together partnerships that will allow us to open a studio in the USA. This way we can hire a small team of full-time employees in house which obviously is going to ramp up the quality of the game. Opening an office in a country we don't currently live in is quite difficult as you can imagine. The overseas move, visas, office, equipment, employee interviews, taxes & regulations, etc.

We've still been trying to fight towards an end of August beta, but due to the reasons listed above we believe it is best to shift the timeline to ensure the best possible game. In the interest of transparency we will be creating a channel called "beta-update-qna" in our discord here: http://discord.gg/hideordie

You can ask us any questions you have regarding this update and Swanton007 and Osok will be there for the next hour live to answer any and all questions. If you are not able to post during that time we will drop back in periodically afterwards to try and answer any questions posted. The October 31st date for the first beta test is firm, so start planning for it!

Thank you for supporting us. <3