Hide Or Die: Beta Phase Patch 1

If you will be participating in the phase 1 testing, you must read every word of this slowly and carefully.

Patch 1 Inbound

At 4:40PM CDT we downed our servers to apply our first beta patch / update. This update includes some neat features that we had been prototyping prior to beta, and decided were stable enough for release now. As well as some quick fun features we prototyped today. Major additions are: -The Store!

Purchase new in game clothes for your survivor using your hard earned supplies

-Selfie Mode!

Pull out your cell phone, and press Q to enter photo mode and take the perfect picture!

Detailed Patch Notes:


[Fixed] Multiple hunters per section. We now kill off hunters if they are not marked safe at tower.

[Fixed] Materials on fuse box switches could be green even though the switch is set to off and the color should be red.

[Fixed] Scientist hitbox/detection

[Fixed] In last man standing sometimes the survivor would not show up on the hunter radar.

[Fixed] Getting locked onto fuse boxes after all of them have been completed.

[Fixed] Washed out environment with flashlight indoors up close to objects.

[Fixed] Survivors became invincible if they spammed in and out of a hideable

[Fixed] Settings and graphics menus not setting and saving.

[Fixed] Players will be rate limited if they spam the texting.

[Fixed] General collision improvements across the maps (lots more to do on this front).

[Fixed] Can activate a fuse box multiple times.

[Fixed] Environment decals showing on crow and player clothing.

[Fixed] Holodome doesn't destroy when scientist returns to the survivor after becoming safe - May also fix an issue of getting your survivor spawned at edge of map after transition from Hunter->Survivor.

[Fixed] The darkness could spawn in an unreachable area of the lake on campgrounds.

[Fixed] Plane collision on River overhauled.

[Fixed] Tower collisions overhauled.

Balance Changes:

[Balance] Adjusted end game light/darkness transition lengths.

[Balance] Slightly reduced number of supplies spawning in.

[Balance] Cooldown time on fuse boxes increased to 45 seconds. Temporary fix until we build a system to dynamically change the cool down based on how many survivors remain.

[Balance] Hunter radar pings for players twice as fast.

[Balance] Reduced holodome time to 20 seconds - Prevents chaining together two throws to essentially block the escape for 60 seconds.

[Balance] Reduced the holodome radius to make it more useful/more difficult to abuse on escapes.


[Added] Text notification when player has been killed.

[Added-Experimental] Selfie mode on phone. With phone equipped press Q to activate selfie mode and press Left Click on your mouse to take a photo. Currently photos should be saving to the following location: [Drive Your Game is Installed On]\Saved\Screenshots

[Added-Experimental] Cosmetic Store. You can now use the credits from all of those supplies you have been surely collecting. Alignment/scrolling/preview may be non-functioning. Getting this in early to test some things.

Hop in game and check it out!