Hide Or Die: Beta Phase 1: Update 2

We know you are all excited for the beta just like we are and we have a small, but important update on the status of beta. Valve has approved our paypal backers/preorder keys and has given us verbal approval of the kickstarter keys. Unfortunately they have not officially granted us the kickstarter keys. We got the verbal approval on Friday, but have not heard anything since. We have followed up/contacted them twice through email/their system (including today around lunch time). Hopefully they get the keys to us in the morning. With that said all of our key disbursement tools, servers, and game build are ready and waiting to be deployed! We have been playing internally with the our moderation team, and some of our close partners and friends for the last couple days and we're excited to get this beta into your hands and start receiving feedback and those pesky bug reports! PAYPAL KEYS WILL NOT BE DISBURSED UNTIL WE HAVE ALL KICKSTARTER KEYS AS WELL. If Valve fails to get us the keys by early afternoon tomorrow we will extend the beta by whatever the delay in getting keys is. We'll update you as soon as we know! Thanks for slugging through this with us.