Hide or Die: 1.1.0 Update

Hide or Die 1.1.0 is now live on steam! This is the largest update we've made to date and includes a bunch of changes and experimental designs which we aim to continue to flesh out over the next month. Most notable features:

  • New Hunter: Sledge

  • Map Overhaul. Entirely new map (smaller, with massive performance improvements, and visual improvements)

  • Improved network performance and hit registration

  • Global objective & game rule changes for escape

Lets jump into the details.


Sledge is the first killer added to the Hide or Die universe post launch and is one of our backer killers designed by Swiftor ( https://www.twitch.tv/swiftor ).

He is a tanky beast, having the most health of all hunters in the game. A man filled with pure rage; Sledge might just be the most heavy-weight, bone-crushing being that you could come across in Bale County.

While not being a terrific tracker, Sledge has both a powerful sledgehammer and a set of throwing combat knives at his disposal. The sledgehammer doubles both as a melee weapon and an ability called "Ban Slam". The ability is one that deals a powerful slam within a given range and can be a great tool to introduce yourself to unsuspecting Survivors. By default the ability will send Survivors outwards from the slam, but will shortly put them in a dazed state. With perks, Ban Slam can be greatly adjusted to fit your needs as a player.

Next there is the throwing knife. A valuable sidekick to the hammer, the throwing knife allows Sledge's presence to be known even at a distance. Both the combat knife and Ban Slam have cool-downs so be sure to use them at the right times.

Map Overhaul

With the positive reception of the map changes for LMS we are migrating these changes into escape. We have seen some pretty dramatic frame rate increases and network optimizations with our new approach to building levels and we're showcasing that in this patch with a condensed escape map. We got a lot of feedback about Bale County that said interest points were too far apart and there was too much open space. What we have done is take some of the areas from Bale County and make adjustments and rearrangements to put together a new map called "Wonder World". We have not moved all level based Steam achievements over to Wonder World yet, but will in the future. This map breathes new life into escape, as encounters with both survivors and hunters become more common. The new map layout is a refreshing experience for veteran players and beta testers, but using the same areas allows a layer of familiarity to those experienced with the map.

Here is the final map layout:

Escape Design Changes

With this new map we made some slight adjustments to the escape game mode. The first of which is a global darkness amount that has to be extracted before the gates open. This is a value on our backend so please let us know if you feel it is too much or too little required to open the gates.

In addition to that there will be only a single escape bunker to go to. Internally this has promoted team play in the end game as hunters now know exactly where you will be going and heading there with a team will increase your chances of escape. When you enter into the world your corruption meter will begin filling immediately. When you complete objective actions like activating an extractor, filling the generator, or activating a fuse box you'll get additional corruption percentage added to your meter to help fill it faster.

Now when you die you will get the same deathscreen you have always gotten, but will be given three options: Return To Menu, Spectate, or Respawn. If you select respawn you will lose all of your inventory, ammo, and 50% of your darkness. You will then wake up inside of a coffin somewhere in the map where you can then step out of the coffin when you are ready. When you die in the end game you will not have the option to respawn and will exit the match with 50% of the darkness you have collected.

Big Changes: Looking Ahead

We have been reading the feedback we have received via the Discord, Steam discussion forums, and email and have been taking note. We understand the reality of the situation regarding our concurrent player numbers and the game loop. The large scale nature that we set out to do with Hide Or Die has proved to be a very challenging thing to balance, and ultimately leads to a complex and difficult to pick up game loop.

Internally we have been working towards a major overhaul of a lot of these core systems within the game. It's big. and we believe its a step in the right direction. We're working towards a design with more defined player roles, balance, and a much more understandable game loop.

We're very excited to share more details on that in the near future. Thank you for sticking with us and supporting us because it really means a lot.